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First Steps

First Steps

We draw inspiration from the Goddess of the Forest - Anvi. In numerous sacred groves across the world, Anvi wanders unfettered. Seldom seen, but occasionally betrayed by the sound of her anklets. We seek to honor her spirit and do right by the people who have protected her through the ages.

Which is why, in everything we do we strive to be as close to nature. All our products are made using the least possible processing, to ensure they're as pure as nature intended. Take for example our cold-pressed coconut oil - we use handpicked, heirloom coconuts, a blend of modern techniques and traditional wisdom - to ensure our Organic Coconut Oil is pure, healthy and completely natural. Similarly, our fabric products for babies are made using organic cotton and bamboo fiber, vegetable dyes and traditional hand-block printing techniques. This obsession extends to all our products whether it's our range of coconut oils or baby care products.

As we look to build a community of like minded people, who believe in the power and purity of nature, this blog will serve as a space where we can share every exciting turn in our journey with you. Expect articles on the benefits of some of our products. We'll share links, articles and posts curated from only credible resources. You'll find baby care tips from experts and parents alike. You'll stumble across the occasional inspirational quote or two. And we'll tell announce new products, exciting offers and more, first here.

Ultimately this blog was created with you in mind - our readers and customers. So we'd love to hear from you. Feedback, suggestions, links, guest contributions, brickbats, they're all welcome. So please feel free to comment and ping us.

This is the first step in a long journey for us. And we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey.