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Say Hello to a Superhero!

Say Hello to a Superhero!

No matter what the question, we believe coconut oil is the answer. From frizzy hair to dry skin, from heart health to better digestion, there is seemingly no limit to what coconut oil cannot do. Little wonder then that the whole world is waking up to the amazing benefits of coconut oil. Anvi Earth's take on this superfood comes in a cold-processed, unadulterated form - pure as nature intended. Sourced from handpicked, heirloom coconuts and packed with nutrients, you can reach out for a jar of our coconut oil, whether you're cooking or contemplating a morning routine of oil pulling.

It's high smoking point makes it an excellent choice as a cooking medium, Stir fry, shallow fry, deep fry, or as a salad dressing, our coconut oil is a must have for any self respecting pantry.

Anvi Earth's coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides or MCTs that metabolize faster, which in turn means a healthier heart.

It also contains caprylic and lauric acid, which kill many viruses, bacteria and protozoa - making our coco oil an anti-microbial agent that you can apply directly to your skin. And if consumed it promotes gut health - in particular it's very effective against colitis, constipation, IBS and gastritis.

Coconut Oil is also excellent for your hair, split ends, itchy scalp and dandruff. And testimony to its efficacy here can be found all across the tropics, where people have used coco oil for centuries.

If you're contemplating a relaxing massage, again coconut oil is the answer. Rich in Vit. E it's a deep moisturizer and skin conditioner.

We could go on and on about the many benefits of coconut oil, but it would suffice to say that our Organic Virgin and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not just a superfood, but also a superhero.